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We are the best recruitment agency in Toronto, Canada. HZ recruitment agency is an incorporation which dreams to go higher and higher crossing all the difficulties and steps towards a better future. We aim to provide a strong link between the job seekers and the employees. It is our dedication of doing work that we are now at the top position and ranking across the Greater Toronto Area.

What we deal with?

We specialize in various fields:

  • temporary/permanent placement,
  • contract staffing,
  • IT/Payroll outsourcing and;
  • HR consultancy

What our mission is?

To secure your future is our priority and our promise. It is our mission to provide you with new and great opportunities to dream big and achieve high. Employment is necessary for every person inn all walks of life to get food, shelter and clothes. It is the basic need and we aim to provide you this basic necessity of life. It is our duty to make yourself believe in you and motivate you about your potentials.

Our vision:

Employment services in New-Market includes job for those job seekers who want to do something in their life. We directly forward our recruiters’ portfolio to those companies and organizations who want to have recruiters or employees like you. our vision is to present those companies the best and top talent from around the world so they can trust and count on us.

Our core values:

Every company’s core values lies in the heart of their business. Our core values are what we believe in and what we share from centuries and centuries. Our trusts, our transparency, believe in hard work. Our accountability, our loyalty and our promise to you are our core values.

We use a fast and sustainable empathy centered approach to help you and your organization develop its potential.

Located in your area

We deal regionally, nationally and internationally. We have our agencies all over the Greater Toronto Area including town of New-Market.

HR (Human Resource)

Human resource is the function in an organization or a company that deals with the people and the issues related to the people for example compensation and balance, hiring and recruiting employees, performance management, training and culture and development of organization.

Process of HR Outsourcing

Objective setting → Analyzing readiness of the organization→ Analyzing implications on the stake holders’  Exploring strategic effects  Analyzing monetary and opportunity costs  Selecting vendors  Negotiating and contracting  Transferring resources → Managing relationships

HR outsourcing New-Market

The reasons of HR outsourcing in New-Market are:

Outsourcing firms may have expertise in specific areas which may otherwise overwhelm employers with the brevity of its complexities.  HR outsourcing is beneficial because it boost the business growth by lowering the cost value and increasing the profit rate. Outsourcing is basically a process in which a company or an organization hires another organization or individual to perform the tasks related to the people and their issues. With this concept of outsourcing we try to benefit people and organizations. We cooperate not compete!

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