Who we are?

Hz recruitment incorporation is an agency which promises to provide a strong link between the employees and the clients because we believe in the everlasting relationship of job seekers and the employees.

What is recruitment? Recruitment is all about finding and hiring qualified candidates for a perfect output for an organization or company from within or outside the organization in timely and cost effective manner.

Our vision:

It is our utmost priority to provide you a variety of recruitment services in GTA. The greater Toronto area is the hub of business where people from around the globe invest in for better future options for themselves as well as for others too. We believe that a strong bond is always needed in order to attain the sustainable connection for business to build up. Hence our vision is to make your future better by giving opportunities to your present!

Our mission

Now a days when the world is changing; new ideas are coming and new inventions are being made, where globalization has taken place everyone is running here and there in search of jobs, new opportunities to make better career choices for a secure future; it is hard to find loyal, honest and transparent employees. Your need is qualified, experienced and honest employees which can be a challenge for your organization. Our mission is to help your organization to mediate between employees and clients to find your best option for the best growth of business. Many countries around the globe have standards on scale that is needed to be kept in mind when discussing a contract with a candidate.

Located in your area:

We deal regionally, nationally and internationally. In Greater Toronto area we are committed to provide services in every area of it. We have our employment services in North York so you can come and visit us.

Our core values:

  • To serve
  • To trust
  • To believe in you
  • To motivate you
  • To work with dedication
  • To recognize your potential
  • To make you grow
  • To help you move forward
  • Honesty is the best policy; we imply it in our work
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Balancing our long term relationship
  • Efficiently managing the cost and time hand by hand
  • Accountability; we stand by our personnel and placements
  • Transparency is the first step in accountability

HR Outsourcing

Now a days outsourcing of human resources is very common and this practice is increasing day by day. I

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