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It is the time you will find a dream job of yours. HZ recruitment incorporation offers you to come and contact us for your recruitment for big industries and organizations. We help you provide new chance and new opportunities by giving you various options to select a job of your own desire. We directly refer you as our recruit to the organizations who are finding a talent like you. it is your only chance to discover new areas, new dimensions with us at HZ Recruitment agency, the best employment agency in the Greater Toronto Area.

Our main focus:

Our main focus is to connect employers to qualified candidates.  Our offer is to give a wide variety of employment related resources as well as access of placements and training motivations.


HZ recruitment agency deals regionally, nationally and internationally. We have our agencies all over the Greater Toronto Area. Recently we have opened our recruitment services in Toronto to help nearby people find opportunities of getting employed. We are open for partnerships too. Come and visit us.


Our Recruiting service is specialized in temporary/permanent placement, contract staffing, IT/Payroll outsourcing and HR consultancy.

Toronto, Canada is one of the largest cities in the world among many. Numbers of people come here to invest and to get settle because of its popularity regarding business, economy and stalk holders’ reputation. If you are looking for work in Canada just visit our website www.hz4jobs.com to discover the new dimensions by collaborating with the department of human resource. We provide unparalleled services to our clients as well as our employees. For the growth of business it is important to build up a connection between employees and clients that is why we are open for all of you 24/7

Our procedure

We start by:

Searching → recruiting → screening →checking professional→ educational preferences → negotiation to meet your requirements

Why do we need outsourcing?

Basically outsourcing is a process of contracting one or more company’s business to an outside service provider that helps increase the shareholder value by reducing operating cost and focusing on core competencies.

It is needed today because it lowers the burden of cost and also helps in building relationships in the market.

Why do companies outsource?

Companies outsource because of the following reasons:

  • Reduces administrative burden
  • Focus on strategic area
  • Acquiring new skills
  • Focus on core functions
  • Acquire better management
  • Assist a fast growth situation
  • Focus on strategy
  • Avoid labor problems
  • Avoid major investments
  • Handle overflow situation
  • Improve flexibility
  • Enhance credibility
  • Maintain old functions

HR outsourcing in Toronto helps understand the objectives of company. It clears the objectives of the organization. Not only it helps lower the cost burden but it also makes it possible to manage time and cost variables effectively.  

Our dedication and our commitment towards our employees and clients help us maintain long lasting relationship to ensure development and growth of the business in favor of both the ends. We cooperate not compete!

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